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Welcome to the Lady Liberty Moving family! Us as a company, we are always seeking ways to make your moving experience smoother and more efficient. Lady Liberty is an industry leader that has demonstrated an incomparable quality of customer service. Our standards are the highest in the industry and all our credentials are maintained at the utmost level of excellence. With our "meet and beat" quote policy there is not a price that we will not review and attempt to match. We understand how daunting a move like yours can be, but we would like to reassure you that we are here to ease off your burden with our experience and knowledge.


Short and Long-Distance Interstate moves with safe storage for your belongings between one home and the next.

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“Lady Liberty movers helped us relocate our furniture from our summer home from West Palm Beach to Georgia. They gave us a great quote and the service that followed was as expected and above par!”

Hermes Digital Partners​

“I normally don't write reviews, but Lady Liberty Moving helped us move my grandmother from South Florida to her new home in North Carolina, and the experience was amazing. Thanks for all your help guys!”

Danny S.

“I needed a quote on a long distance move and Lady Liberty Movers exemplified professionalism and great customer service, and took all our stress away. Thanks again guys!”

Joseph R.

    How To & Why

    Self-Pack (vs) Professional Pack

    Self-Packing: A common misconception when doing long distance moves is that packing your own goods translates to savings. The numbers don’t support that, meaning self-packing typically costs 60% as much as professional packing and the time consumption within is overwhelming.

    However, if a self-pack is the route chosen we want to give you the exact methods that a professional mover (that’s us!) use to securely transport goods state to state. For interstate transit of household goods all flat screen TVs must be in TV boxes, all mirrors must be boxed, all pictures must be boxed, and all glass/marble tops or shelves must be boxed as well. All mattresses must be in mattress slip covers. Lastly, small lamps must be in boxes. Before we get into it, here’s a couple of resources for moving supplies that ship right to your front door that have lesser cost than your local stores:

    A common fallacy in moving is that packing involves bubble wrap; not with a professional mover. The simple science is that bubble wrap has air bubbles and those will break anything inside of them if popped.  If the move isn’t local, the friction on the truck will likely pop some of those air bubbles, and heat presses the bubble wrap to the items within creating likely damage.  Packing paper will be your best friend for fragile items or anything that can be refaced by pressure.  Here’s the “How To”:

    • Crumbled pieces of packing paper on the bottom of the box
    • All damageable items wrapped in packing paper
    • Crumbled pieces of packing paper inside the top of the box
    • Stack the items vertically (horizontal stacking creates pressure) from heaviest to lightest
    • Tape the bottom and top of the box twice across the closing
    • Then 3 times across beginning, middle, and end
    • Then (Very Important!) wrap your packing tape around the ends of the 3 pieces twice in a “belt” fashion around the side of the box as tight as possible while maintaining the basic structure

    The packing paper on the top and bottom of the box act as a pillow for your items. The weight distribution eliminates as much friction damage as possible. The belt around the top straps eliminates structural damage, remember these boxes are stacked 4-5 high in a truck going across state lines. The same methodology apply within the boxes for stacking items that aren’t delicate in nature.

    Regarding professional packing, that’s the basis for how it’s done.  Packing typically takes multiple days if not handled by professionals, and even then it’s timely and tedious.  That’s why Lady Liberty Moving always recommends that for the small cost difference to select professional moving services.

    Moving Made Simple!

    So you realized….It is time to Move! Now what? OK, I am going to need help from a Moving Company! Aarghhh…this is going to be a challenge!

    Not With Lady Liberty Moving!! Almost every person goes through the same process! Face it… none of us love to move…Most of us don’t even Like to move. That is why Lady Liberty moving  is here….We Love Moving!!! We are your Advocates and Guides through the entire move process.We will take the stress and anxiety out of moving. With many years of experience in the Moving industry we can take all of the stress out of moving by simplifying the process and making sure your move goes smoothly and that your “Life”, (all of your loved possessions) gets moved securely, safely and just the way you want it to your new home.

    Regardless of size or distance, we bring all of our experience and hard work every day to help people make the move to their new lives….Simply and Safely for the best Value!

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